Abdelaziz Djerad from Blida … No Algerian left behind

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The Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, said Monday in Blida that the state « will not leave any Algerian without assistance » in the situation that Algeria is going through because of the epidemic of new coronavirus (Covid-19) which has left 31 dead to date.

During a visit to the Frantz-Fanon Hospital, Mr. Djerad assured that « thanks to the solidarity mechanisms put in place by the State associated with the spontaneous outpouring of solidarity of citizens in the province of Blida and throughout the national territory, no Algerian will be left without assistance ».

And to stress that the Algerian State « despite the difficult financial situation that the country is experiencing due to the fall in oil prices, will not abandon any Algerian family, wherever it is, in the mountains, in the cities, in the villages or in the Saharan regions ».

Djerad recalled, in this context, the establishment of solidarity mechanisms with local dismemberments, to meet the needs of confined families and to take care of daily workers, who cannot because of the confinement receive income.

« The combination of our efforts and our union will enable us to face this health crisis, » he added. Acknowledging the existence of a health crisis, Mr. Djerad reassured citizens that there was « no food or supply crisis of any kind, » assuring that the Government had taken « all measures to ensure a permanent and sufficient supply of various agricultural and food products to the markets.

Further reassuring citizens, Mr. Djerad said that Algeria « is, thank God, safe from any food shortage. The same goes for our means of production, which will be able to meet food needs in the long term ».

The State has proved that it is able to guarantee the availability of food products to all citizens, the Prime Minister stressed.