Algeria hosts the first “Virtual” international agri-food exhibition, from November 1st

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Algeria will host, from November 1 to 16, 2020, the first international virtual exhibition of agrifood industries, logistics and national production. This event is a first on a global scale, communicated this Thursday the organizing company, Andalus Trade, Show, Exhibits & Events.

According to the press release from the company of virtual exhibitions and events which organizes the event, Andalus Trade, Show, Exhibits & Events, Algerian and foreign exhibitors will participate in the fair and this, in several sectors including the food industry, packaging, printing, banking, insurance, logistics services, transit companies, air and sea freight companies and strategic consulting companies.

In order for this digital event to be a great success, an Internet TV channel has been created for live broadcasting and it remains entirely intended for the show. Thus, popularization of remote video and audio communication techniques has been applied in order to reduce and limit the costs and expenses of the various exhibitors, the transfers and the meetings that classic exhibitions would require, according to the organizers.

The Communications Director of the organizing company, Wissem Aboura, insisted on the effectiveness of digitization in trade fairs and exhibitions, since it remains a unique and unprecedented experience in this field as well as a major step, that the Algeria crosses in the sector of economic events and digitalization.

The director of the show, Mounir Abdelraouf Douidi, says that the company has received the first requests for registration to participate in the event from several countries, starting with Ukraine, which is “the guest of honor” of this edition, Vietnam, Jordan, Turkey and Germany to display their products “virtually”, as well as major economic resellers already active in several areas within the country.

In addition, the first international digital exhibition dedicated to the agricultural sector should be held from November 17, 2020 and will continue until the end of the month, added the same press release.

The company makes available to those who wish to participate in this business forum, the following registration link and email addresses: . Email:  or