Amendments underway to ensure traceability of subsidized semolina

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A meeting devoted to the preparation of an amendment to the draft executive decree fixing the prices of semolina and bread, in order to introduce provisions aiming at monitoring the traceability of subsidized semolina was held, Tuesday, at the headquarters of the ministry.

Chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cherif Omari, the meeting was held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry, executives from the sector and representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Trade, Industry and mines, said a statement posted on the ministry’s official Facebook page.

The draft decree provides for the consecration of the principle of specifications as an essential document, before formalizing and codifying conventional relations in order to supervise transactions with the National Interprofessional Office for Cereals and Vegetables (ONICL), as a regulatory body.

“The objective of this measure is to maintain the current price of bread and guarantee the traceability of ordinary wheat intended for bakeries, and control the quantities imported of wheat, and therefore rationalize public expenditure, the statement said.

The draft executive decree fixing the prices of semolina and bread in the various stages of distribution will soon be submitted to the Council of Ministers.