Belaid … Draft revision of Constitution unveiled following request of political players, civil society representatives

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Minister-Adviser for communication, spokesman for Presidency of the Republic Belaïd Mohand Oussaïd on Wednesday in Algiers that the preliminary draft of the constitutional revision « has been disclosed in response to the repeated request of political players and representatives of the civil society, » calling to avoid « the prejudices on its timing. »

Belaïd told a news conference that « the disclosure of the preliminary draft revision of the Constitution came in response to the repeated request by some political players and representatives of civil society, in despite the impossibility of holding public meetings due to the Coronavirus pandemic. »

During his last meeting with media managers, the President of the Republic had explained that « his approval of this request depended on the commitment of all to respect anti-Covid 19 preventive measures. »

The Presidency official spokesperson said that the draft Constitution amendment has been unveiled for the only purpose to « take advantage of the lockdown period to learn about the proposed modifications and discuss them calmly and deeply via the various media or by videoconference. »

« The goal is for Algeria to have a consensual constitution protecting it from falling into authoritarianism and from experiencing …, » added Belaid.

In this regard, he underlined that this approach « is part of popular demands for radical change in the method and practices of governance at all levels and the restoration of State authority through the moralization of public life, the fight against corruption and the prevalence of competence over allegiance in the service of the public interest. »

The preliminary draft amendment of the Constitution « is only a draft revision, a platform for debate and a working methodology so that the debate starts from a document prepared by brilliant law professors, » he concluded.