Benbouzid, from Tindouf … « the epidemiological situation is stable. »

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The epidemiological situation in the country regarding the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) is « stable » and « does not cause concern », reassured yesterday from Tindouf, the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abderrahmane Benbouzid.

The minister affirmed, during his working visit to this province, in the company of the Minister Delegate for the Environment, Hamza Al Sid Cheikh, that « human and material means are today available in Algeria to help control the epidemiological situation of the new coronavirus ».

Inspecting the services of the public hospital EPH-Si El-Haouès, in the chief town of the province of Tindouf, the Minister of Health also said that « the province of Illizi has so far been spared from danger, thanks to the resources mobilized and preventive health measures against Covid-19 adopted by the sector ».

« The means of prevention of the new coronavirus are available in sufficient quantities in this province », he noted, in this regard, while indicating the readiness of his department to « mobilize more resources if the evolution of the epidemiological situation requires it ».

The Minister of Health also inaugurated a health care room in the « El-Moustakbel » district, which he recommended the provision, like other health facilities in the province, of a solar energy installation, as part of the national strategy for the management of shady areas.

He also listened on site to the complaints of members of the medical profession, focusing in particular on the allocation of equipped housing to ensure the stability of medical supervision in the province.

The Minister then inspected the emergency medical service of the « Benyoucef Benkhedda » polyclinic in Tindouf-Lotfi, where he inquired about the conditions of reception of patients as well as the state of equipment, some of which requires periodic maintenance, according to the explanations provided to the ministerial delegation.

Mr. Benbouzid also inspected the checkpoint set up at the entrance to the city of Tindouf, where he was given explanations on the various phases of health checks for coronavirus, to which travelers heading to Tindouf are subject.

He took the opportunity to express his « satisfaction » regarding the epidemiological situation in this province, before holding, at the end of his visit, a technical meeting with the local medical staff.