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Bir Hima rock petroglyphs in Saudi Arabia’s Najran include image of camel

Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Najran region is distinguished by its deep heritage, and is home to archaeological sites with petroglyphs, inscriptions, buildings, and castles. Bir Hima is a rock art site in Najran, containing numerous petroglyphs, including that of a camel.

Bir Hima, or the Hima wells, are located around 130 kilometers from the city of Najran to the north in the historical site of Hima in the province of Thar.

The wells date back to 7000 BC- 1000 BC, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

“The historical wells are part of the civilizational and archaeological calendar that is distributed throughout the Najran region and its affiliated governorates, as these wells were associated with human gatherings,” according to a 2018 report by SPA.

The report added that Hima wells still flow with fresh water to this day.

In 2015, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO inscribed rock art in Saudi Arabia’s Ha’il region on the World Heritage List.

According to UNESCO, the rock art of Jabal Umm Sinman Jubbah and Jabal al-Major and Jabal Raat near Shuwaymis “contain an exceptionally large number of petroglyphs, created by using a range of techniques with simple stone hammers, against a background of gradual environmental deterioration, and are visually stunning expressions of the human creative genius.”

Ha’il is a city located in the northwest of the Kingdom.

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