Constitution Revision: Preliminary draft, cornerstone in construction of New Algeria

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The National Democratic Rally (RND) party said, on Friday, in a press release that the preliminary draft of the constitution revision distributed by the President of the Republic to the political class, civil society and national figures for debate and enrichment “constitutes a cornerstone in the construction of the New Algeria”.

The party highlighted that this document illustrates the will of the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune to breathe new life into the institutions of the State, strengthen freedoms and remove all ambiguity with respect to the separation of powers “, qualifying this project” as a cornerstone in the construction of the New Algeria”, specified the same source.

The RND indicated that the preliminary draft which intervenes in exceptional conditions, “implies the mobilization of everyone to adopt a Constitution which responds to a national consensus and international recognition taking into account the demands of the popular Hirak on the internal front “as well as the evolution recorded in the international constitutional system.

The Rassemblement estimated that the version “satisfies all the demands expressed” by political and social actors, like the creation of a constitutional court and the enlargement of rights and freedoms.

The version also includes, according to the same source, the guarantee of democratic alternation in elected positions, the liberation of associative action, the consolidation of the independence of the judiciary and the preservation of national identity in its three dimensions.

Considering the contribution to the enrichment of this version a national duty, the RND announced the appointment of a committee made up of executives and party experts who are specialists in the legal field and others experienced in administrative management in order to examine the content of this document.

In this vein, the committee will, then, present proposals and observations to the Presidency of the Republic with a view to “strengthening democracy through consultations”.

The RND also undertakes to contribute to the enrichment of this document and to take part in the electoral campaign relating to the referendum on the Constitution.