Coronavirus … Toll-free number 3030 had been extended to the country’s 48 provinces

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Coronavirus. The Director General of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Dr. Djamel Fourar said that the use of the toll-free number 3030 had been extended to the country’s 48 provinces.

The platform of the toll-free number, launched by the ministry in collaboration with Algérie Télécom (AT) as soon as the new coronavirus appeared in Algeria at the level of the central administration and Bordj El Kiffan (Algiers) to respond to the concerns of citizens, has been extended to the 48 provinces of the country, said Dr. Fourar who is also the spokesman of the Scientific Committee for monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Health has taken this decision to bring health closer to the citizen but also to ease the pressure on the Algiers platform and the medical team in charge, following the spread of the virus in many provinces, he said Friday, adding that one (01) million calls are received daily.

Despite the preventive measures put in place by the authorities to try to reduce the apprehension of citizens about the spread of Covid-19, many citizens feel a strong concern or even panic among some vulnerable categories, according to those responsible for responding to citizens’ questions.

This operation is part of the expansion of the action program between the Ministry and the Coronavirus Monitoring Committee to respond to all situations and ensure full and permanent collaboration between the central administration and the various hospital establishments through the use of all means of communication.

The committee’s action is spread over three cells. The first cell is in charge of monitoring the means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment at the level of health establishments, the Central Hospital Pharmacy (PCH) and the Pasteur Institute, according to the new measures of the Ministry.

The second unit, which is a unit for monitoring the epidemiological situation and health information, is responsible for defining, in advance, the list of persons for the epidemiological survey of health containment and health information.

As for the third cell, it is responsible for taking care of patients and managing the number of beds between hospitals, by collecting all data related to the patient treatment process.