Coronavirus … Walis instructed to « quickly » set up special assistance programme for citizens

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The Walis (governors) have been instructed by Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerrad to implement, by no later than March 31, a « special » assistance programme for citizens to limit the economic and social repercussions of the lockdown measures carried out lately to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Algeria.

The Walis are instructed by Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djeard, and under the supervision of Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, to set up a special assistance and support programme in line with a national supervision scheme with a view to « limit the impact » of the lockdown measures.

« As part of the prevention against the Coronavirus pandemic « COVID-19, » measures to contain and limit the mobility of persons have been introduced in order to reduce the risks of contamination and spread of this virus. However, these measures have economic and social impacts on the citizen in general and on families in particular. To limit these impacts, the Prime Minister has decided to implement a special assistance and support programme for families. »

« Entrusted to the Presidents of the Minicipal People’s Assemblies under the control of the heads of prefectures and walis Delegates, this operation will mobilize, in the form of local committees, the municipality elected representatives, the
neighbourhood and village associations, the village elders, and charitable associations, including local offices of the Algerian Red Crescent and Muslim Scouts. »

Actually, the instruction stipulates that « for each neighbourhood, village or group of dwellings, a committee leader shall be appointed from among the leaders of associations or inhabitants of the locality. The aim here is to set up a popular framework provided by the citizens themselves or their representatives. »

Thus, the installed committees will be tasked with « identifying poor families and those in need of support during this period of lockdown, to « assist » the public authorities in all solidarity operations. Lastly, to « inform » local authorities about the needs of the concerned peoples. »

This operation will also invite Presidents of the Popular Municipal Assemblies (P/APC) to install « municipal units for monitoring, follow-up and management » of the Covid-19 pandemic, said the Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning.

The activities of these units must be carried out « in coordination » with the heads of prefectures or Walis delegates, he added.

« The Walis are also called upon to manage, in accordance with the President of the Republic instructions, all local human resources, useful in such circumstances, » according to the source.