Large audience on social networks for “Dechra”, humorous series of amateurs

57 020

“Dechra”, a humorous series produced by young filmmakers, amateurs of Grarem Gouga (Mila), and broadcast since the beginning of Ramadan on social networks, has succeeded in gaining the loyalty of a large audience.

According to the director and the scriptwriter of this series, Fateh Mezhoud, the work despite its simplicity has had good ratings with users of the Facebook and Youtube networks of Mila, Jijel and several other provinces and even with the national community with a total of more than 200,000 views for each episode.

Eight (8) episodes have been broadcast to date, according to the same source, who indicated that the series elicits daily positive reactions from fans. The dialect accent specific to the localities of North Mila and neighboring localities of Jijel knowingly used by the young comedians was a success factor of the series by reminding listeners of the Inspector Tahar series of the late Hadj Abderrahmane, added Fateh.

This linguistic choice which makes it possible to enhance an element of history and heritage is also in line with the filming sites in the communes of Grarem Gouga and Hamala (Mila) and Sidi Maarouf (Jijel), argued the young director.

“At the beginning, we did not intend to make several episodes and we were even very surprised by the large audience which led us to take up the challenge of producing other episodes by trying to insert a certain chronology in the events, “he said.

The health conditions that forced the majority of people to stay at home has certainly helped increase the audience for the series which, in turn, helps keep people entertained during confinement, pointed out the director.