Lower House’s Finance Committee approves tourist vehicles tax cut

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The National People’s Assembly (APN)’s Finance Committee approved an amendment in the Supplementary Finance Bill 2020 reducing the tax increases on tourist vehicles, the Committee told APS.

This decision was approved on Friday in the aftermath of a Finance Committee meeting which has been attended by Minister of Finance, Abderrahmane Raouya and Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azouar.

The two-day meeting examined 30 amendments submitted to the Finance Committee by the Lower House Bureau. A total of 56 amendments were proposed by deputies at the end of the debates, in plenary sessions, completed last Wednesday.

The Finance Committee approved a number of amendments, particularly the one relating to the Supplementary Finance Bill 2020’s Article 19 relative to the increase in taxes on petrol and diesel engine tourist vehicles, imported or locally acquired.

Under this amendment, the taxes would be lowered for vehicles which cylinder does not exceed 2,000 cm3 in order to keep their prices within the reach of consumers. However, increases would be higher for cars with heavy engines.

An amendment on the extension of the application of the 9 % Value Added Tax (VAT) cut for tourist activities, for two (2) additional years, instead of its cancellation as stipulated in Article 34 of the bill proposed by the government, has was also approved.

The Committee has not discussed the amendments proposed by the deputies concerning the cancellation of article 24 proposing the increase of the fuel prices.

The Supplementary Finance Bill 2020 will be voted on Sunday by the APN members.